• Complete treatment within 5 minutes
  • 3 types of skin nurturing programs 1) Clean mode 2) Micro current mode 3) RF-Wpulse
  • Through the effect of ion cleaning and vibration, it gently cleans and removes the dirt in the fine pores
  • Combine RF technology, sonic wave and permeation for deep moisture
  • Promote collagen proliferation, improve blood circulation, and improve the metabolic cycle
  • Improve puffiness and dullness, reduce fine lines, and achieve firming effect
  • Suggested to use together with ReFa C.P.Serum Lift C.P. Serum Glow
  • Can be applied on face and eye areas 
  • Made in Japan
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CLEAN mode: 1 minute

MC mode: 1 minute

RF-Wpulse mode: 3 minutes


When using the CLEAN mode, please put on a cotton pad first, and pour toner on the cotton pad to make it moist. When using MC mode and RF-Wpulse mode, please apply beauty lotion to the face before use.

When using CLEAN mode and MC mode, please move in the order of ①∼⑥ in the direction of the arrow.

When using RF-Wpulse mode, please move 5 times in the direction of the arrow in the order of ①∼⑤

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Around 2 hours

How many times can it be used after being fully charged?

If you use all modes at once (CLEAN -> MC -> RF-W (Lv5)): 6-10 times

What kind of lotion should I use when using CLEAN mode?

Please use water-soluble lotion. Oily or exfoliating lotions may affect the electrical properties.

Can I use the device when it is being charged?

No, the power cannot be turned on while charging.

Do the LED light affect my eyes?

Although it will not hurt your eyes even if you look directly, try not to look directly at the light source and look at the light source for a long time. When your eyes are easy to look directly at the light source, such as your face and forehead, please close your eyes and avoid looking directly at the LED lights.

Can it be used every day?

Three times per week.

Should I add serum every time I switch modes?

If you feel the skin is dry and not lubricated, please add as needed. It is recommended to apply it gently to the skin without letting it absorb.