Terms and Conditions - Rotary Shoes Storage or Rotary Clothes Storage:


Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co., Ltd. (“The Company”) authorizes Shun Hing Electric Service Centre Ltd. (“SHESC”) (collectively “Shun Hing”) to offer one-year warranty service to the product commencing from the date of installation. Services beyond the said warranty period will be charged according to the standard service charge price list from SHESC.


1. If the clothes cabinet or shoes cabinet fails to meet the company’s installation requirements (e.g. incorrect size) and therefore prompt installation cannot be carried out, a site visit fee of HK$200 will be charged and payable by the customer at site immediately.

2. The company is willing to provide free installation service once if and when the customer can provide clothes or shoes cabinet which meets the installation requirements.

3. SHESC offers one-year free warranty service to the product installed by the company commencing from the date of installation.

4. The warranty is valid in Hong Kong only. Customer is required to present the official purchase invoice to our technician for verification when service is rendered.

5. Warranty service does not cover the following items and additional charges shall be levied if services are required:

 (a) The product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tempered with, altered or repaired in any way by persons other than technicians of SHESC.

 (b) The product has been damaged through misuse, negligence, or external factors.

 (c) The product is used for industrial or commercial purpose.

6. One-year free warranty service by SHESC does not cover product installed by the customer or other third party.

7. Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co., Ltd. retains final deciding authority in case of dispute. All terms stated are subject to change without notice.

8. In case there is any inconsistency or conflict between English version and Chinese version of the terms, the Chinese version shall prevail.